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Engineering Vacation Program

CSBP’s Engineering Vacation Program runs during the university summer break from December to February. Opportunities are available to mechanical, chemical, process or instrumental/electrical engineering students who are in their final or second last year of study.

Our 12-week program provides an insight into the career options and opportunities at CSBP and an opportunity to:

  • Apply your theoretical learnings from university to real projects
  • Work with our engineering team to gain exposure to engineering projects in different aspects of the business
  • Experience an engineering work environment and enhance your technical skills
  • Work closely with a mentor who will guide and assist you during the 12-week program
  • Be assigned a project that is meaningful and current, as well as have the opportunity to present your outcomes to our leadership team
  • Develop skills for future employment, including leadership, communication, presentation and influencing skills

Our vacation program is the pathway to our cadetship and graduate programs, so we are with you all the way, offering tailored training, support and guidance and a launchpad towards a great career.

Applications for our Engineering Vacation Program is typically advertised at the end of June, for summer placements end of November – end of February.

Register online to be notified when our Vacation Program is open for application.

The program builds on the framework we receive at university, and taught me how to manage real-world problem solving situations."
Sofia Vacation Engineer Chemical/Process CSBP Sodium Cyanide