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    CSBP is a safe and reliable producer of sodium cyanide and explosive grade ammonium nitrate for the mining industry, as well as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of fertiliser and agricultural services to Western Australian growers for over 100 years.

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    Work with us

    CSBP is recognised as Western Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, fertilisers and related services to mining, agricultural and industrial sectors throughout the world.

    Our businesses are recognised as safe, reliable and innovative industry leaders with a strong commitment to customers. We offer an inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity and the uniqueness of individual talents, experiences and ideas.

  • Supplier Management
    Supplier Management

    CSBP relies on a secure, sustainable, and internationally competitive supply chain and strong, positive supplier relationships.

    CSBP chooses to work with suppliers that share its commitment to health, safety, the environment and continued economic growth.

  • Company

    CSBP is part of Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers’ (WesCEF) portfolio of leading, sustainable businesses.  WesCEF belongs to Wesfarmers, a diversified conglomerate listed on the ASX and one of the nation’s largest employers.

    CSBP consists of several chemical and fertilisers businesses, as well as a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures.  Each business in its own right is recognised as a safe, reliable and innovative industry leader with a strong commitment to customers.

  • Community

    CSBP has been an active participant in the communities in which we operate for over 100 years. We believe we have a responsibility to get behind the our communities and, more than that, we’re proud to do so.

    We provide support in a number of different ways including, community grants, partnerships, employee giving and disaster relief.

  • Sustainability

    At CSBP we recognise that sustainability drives success.
    It is fundamental to maintaining our social license to operate, and ensuring we continue to grow a portfolio of leading, sustainable businesses.

    We believe sustainability is about understanding and managing the ways we impact the communities and environments in which we operate, to ensure that we continue to create value in the future.


Safety and transport

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CSBP complies with West Australian security risk substances (SRS) legislation to minimise security risk for companies involved with the manufacture, storage, laboratory use and transport of security risk substances, including ammonium nitrate.

CSBP ensures stringent employee and contractor checks take place prior to work starting at its facility, and only sells to licensed and approved customers.


Ammonium nitrate, ammonia and nitric acid are internationally classified as dangerous goods. As such, CSBP complies with Australian regulations for the manufacture, storage and despatch of these products.

To maintain high safety standards, CSBP actively participates in a number of industry groups and ensures its customers comply with relevant standards.

For specific safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet for each product.


CSBP has world-class facilities to deliver porous prill ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate solution, nitric acid and ammonia products in bulk by road and rail to approved customers. It also uses port facilities to export and import these products as required.

Please contact us to find out how to become an approved customer.


CSBP complies with strict industry regulations which govern its operations and the operations of transportation partners. These include:

CSBP’s compliance and the compliance of customers and service providers with these regulations is closely monitored by relevant regulatory bodies and CSBP itself.