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CSBP manufactures, imports and distributes phosphate, nitrogen and potassium based fertilisers in blended, compound and liquid form for the Western Australian agricultural sector. Our wide range of fertilisers has been developed specifically for WA soils to ensure our customers get the most from their fertiliser.

Our major fertiliser manufacturing facility is based at Kwinana, and includes a superphos manufacturing plant, a granulation plant, a liquids plant and nine despatch plants. These operations are supported by over 35 regional sales representatives, four regional distribution centres, five depots and 19 additional fertiliser dispatch plants located across Western Australia, ensuring we have an extensive supply network.

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At CSBP we’re constantly looking at how new technology can assist our customers. Our range of services continues to expand, and includes easy to use platforms to support farmers in their day-to-day decision making.

Since 1971 we’ve also provided a comprehensive soil and plant analysis service, supported since 2001 by the NUlogic interpretation model, at our world renowned soil and plant laboratory based in Bibra Lake. The laboratory is the largest of its kind in Australia and is at the forefront of soil and plant testing.

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At CSBP Fertilisers we believe that what you put in determines what you get out. That’s why we have been investing in our fertiliser more than any other WA supplier.