Safety resources

The following documents are provided solely for the purpose of contractors tendering for or undertaking work for CSBP and are not to be used for any other purpose. WesCEF disclaims any liability or responsibility for the use of these documents other than as authorised by WesCEF.



Document title Document Number Version Number
Confined Spaces CSBP-GM-11-031-52
CSBP JSA Coversheet CSBP-SF-11-031-02 4
WesCEF AOD Contractor Declaration
WesCEF Excavation Procedure WCEF-PD-OHS-040-05 5
WesCEF Penetration Procedure WCEF-PD-OHS-040-06 5
WesCEF Locating Underground Services WCEF-PD-OHS-040-04 4
Elevated Work Platforms WCEF-PD-R&S-0019 3
Control of Workplace Hazardous Material CSBP-GM-11-037-05 12
WesCEF Drug and Alcohol Procedure WCEF-PD-OHS-140-01 7
Breaking into Hazardous Pipelines CSBP-GM-11-036-02 26
Safe Working with Fibreglass WCEF-PD-OHS-130-01 3
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Worksheet CSBP-SF-11-031-01 4
Hot Work CSBP-GM-11-036-06 13
Safe Working on Brittle Roofs CSBP-GM-11-036-01 13
Working at Height WCEF-PD-R&S-0018 5
Decontamination of Process Equipment CSBP-GM-11-031-62 3
Slings, Rigging and Lifting Equipment CSBP-GM-11-038-02 15
WesCEF Mobile Crane Safety WCEF-GM-HSE-0008 4
Respiratory Protection CSBP-GM-11-031-05 10
STOP and Job Safety Analysis Risk Assessment WCEF-GM-HSE-0011 1
Hydrojetting Safety CSBP-GM-11-031-18 9
Compressed Air Safety CSBP-GM-11-031-22 14
Personal Protective Equipment CSBP-GM-11-031-01 25
WesCEF Asbestos Management Plan WCEF-PD-OHS-130-01 3
Abrasive Blasting and Spray Painting Safety CSBP-GM-11-031-13 15

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