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Prof. Klinken tours CSBP Kwinana site

WesCEF hosted science royalty on Wednesday last week when Western Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken toured CSBP’s Kwinana site. 

Climate Opportunities Manager Jodie Kimber was delighted to host Prof. Klinken to showcase WesCEF’s businesses and our approach to climate change.

“It’s important for people like Prof. Klinken, who have an interest in science and sustainability, to see the great work WesCEF does in this space. We are quiet achievers, with emissions reductions activities built into the way we work,” she said.

Naresh Patel Technical Manager Ammonia AN showed Professor Klinken around the wetlands and Ammonia/AN, briefing him on the upcoming shutdown and the complexity of the Ammonia/AN plants.

The group was then joined by Fertilisers Technical Manager Colin McKenzie and Fertilisers Agtech Services Lead Graham Murray. They spoke to Prof Klinken about CBSP Fertilisers agronomic expertise and its culture of innovation.

Prof Klinken said he was impressed with Ammonia/AN’s central control room and its automatic process control, the sheer scale of Fertilisers operations and WesCEF’s circular economy credentials, especially the waste heat recovery.

“Another highlight was learning how CSBP works with other businesses in Kwinana and the ingenuity of the wetlands in treating waste water” he said.

General Manager Climate Opportunities Mussaret Nagree said a highlight of the day was the meeting of minds on WesCEF’s climate change strategy.

“The climate change challenge is very complex, and it’s too early to back any single technology. That’s why WesCEF is exploring several different solutions” she said. 

The successful tour was the first of similar visits planned to demonstrate how WesCEF and industry can work together to be environmentally responsible. 

From left: Jodie Kimber, Musaret Nagree, Prof. Klinken and Naresh Patel tour the CSBP Ammonia/AN Control Room