Supplying to CSBP

Fremantle Cranes contracting at CSBPAs a business that relies on a secure, sustainable and internationally competitive supply chain, strong positive supplier relationships are essential to our continued success.

At CSBP, we choose to work with suppliers and contractors that share our commitment to health, safety, the environment and continued economic growth, and our passion for innovation for our mutual benefit.

By optimising supplier relationships and using proven cost-efficient and effective systems and processes, our dedicated Supply Team engages with supply markets to deliver goods and services that align with business needs.

Supply personnel at Kwinana and Murdoch also build the capability of our own operations and the communities where we operate to support the sustainability of our business, and to develop strong, viable communities. 

In achieving security of supply, our Supply Team delivers values to our shareholders and makes a valuable contribution to CSBP’s licence to operate.

Ammonia Expansion Project

CSBP Ltd is exploring the expansion of its existing ammonia production facilities.  For information about the supply of key goods and services for the project click here.


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