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In Australia, we use nitric acid to produce ammonium nitrate, and it is used by our customers to produce organic nitrates and inorganic nitrates.

Nitric acid is a transparent, colourless to yellowish liquid which readily fumes. It is a strong oxidising acid and is highly corrosive. Commercial grade nitric acid is typically 62 per cent weight for weight.

Nitric acid safety and transport

We are committed to storing and transporting our nitric acid safely by following strict safety standards across our operations. To find out more about our commitment to safety, visit our Safety and transport page.

It’s our policy to provide a unique Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each of our products, including those not classified as hazardous material by WorkSafe Australia. The information included in each MSDS should be used to help users develop occupational health and safety procedures to maintain the health and safety of everyone involved. 

Download the MSDS for Nitric acid by visiting the MSDS page.

Please note, we reserve the right to add, delete or make changes to the MSDS on this website without notice.

Other names

Azotic acid

Recommended uses

Manufacture of ammonium nitrate, precious metal refining, chemical intermediate, litho printing

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