CSBP sales rep with farmer at York

Diversity means many things to many people, but to us diversity is about embracing people’s skills, ideas and unique perspectives.

We recognise that people are in a constant state of evolution, and as their needs change, we look to support these changes.

We are strongly committed to growing and developing a pipeline of talented people from all parts of the workforce, regardless of age, gender, experience or ethnicity, to drive and deliver our success.

At CSBP we believe that in order to achieve business success we need to create a workforce that is diverse and inclusive, utilising the different experiences and skills individuals bring to the team to improve creativity and innovation.

CSBP focuses on fostering these differences and strives to have a workforce which reflects the demographics of the communities in which we operate. 

Some of the ways we aim to do this are:

  • Providing development and training opportunities to enhance capability in driving and recognising diversity and inclusion
  • Targeted recruitment strategies to attract and retain a diverse workforce
  • Networking and social forums to discuss and challenge the current thinking around diversity
  • Engaging with the community to seek sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians. Please see our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Engagement and Employment Plan for more information 
  • Exploring ways to introduce and enable flexibility at work 
  • Dedicated support and resources for employees to balance work and family responsibilities 

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