Graduate Process Engineer


Our graduate engineering program combines the challenges of working in our technically complex industrial manufacturing facilities, with tailored training, support and guidance to give you the best possible start to your career in engineering.

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What is a typical day for you? 

I come into work early, I go through the sheds and look at the product we’ve made overnight and make sure we’re making high quality product. I then meet with the operators to see what has happened overnight while I wasn’t here, make sure the plant’s running well and plan any work that needs to have done throughout the day. Following this, I attend a morning meeting with managers and find our what’s happening around the business, before returning to my desk to do my usual rounds of putting in manufacturing completions. Throughout the day, I walk around the plant a couple of times a day, troubleshoot any issues we’re having and make sure I’m involved in any maintenance issues.

What has been your experience with the various engineering programs at CSBP (vacation engineering, cadetship and graduate program)?

I started with CSBP in the sodium cyanide plant doing vacation work for three months. I was then offered a position as an Engineering Cadet, where I worked on the sodium cyanide plant for six months before moving to the ammonia / ammonium nitrate business where I worked for the next year. While I was on the cadetship, I did another stint of vacation work while I was still an university. 

After finishing my Engineering degree, I moved onto the graduate program, so I’ve been really lucky to have been in all three engineering programs, and also all three businesses. 

What attracted you to CSBP to begin your engineering career?

While I was at university, I studied a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry, so CSBP, being industrial chemicals and fertiliser, had a really good broad range of industries that I could be a part of. We did focus a lot on the oil and gas and mineral processing industries at university, so I thought it was a little bit different and something exciting to get myself involved in.

What is the most challenging project you've worked on at CSBP?

At the end of 2015, I was offered a chance to move into a different role. I’m still a Graduate Process Engineer by title, but I now run two fertiliser plants. I run both the superphosphate manufacturing plant and the granulation plant. It’s been a challenge learning a new plant and being in a more demanding role with a lot more responsibility and decision making, but something I would definitely recommend as it has definitely pushed me in the right direction and has prepared me for what my role will be when I become a Process Engineer.

What development/training is offered in your role?

The graduate program is a three year program. We meet every month and there’s a lot of informal and technical support, as well as a lot of training that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in. My Manager organises any training that I need for my role in particular and the graduate program offers the soft skill support that we need working towards being leaders in this business.

How would you describe the support you get from your manager?

I have always been given a lot of support from my manager. I’m allowed to make decisions and my manager always supports that. It’s a very important trait for a Process Engineer, so supporting my development is his motive. Even when I struggle, I can go to him straight away and ask him any questions I want, and I’ve never been turned away – it’s a very supportive environment here. 
What advice would you give to someone who may just be starting out in their career?

Don’t give up, it’s important to know that we all struggle when leaving university, it’s not easy out there in the real world. Look into all different types of industries; don’t only stick with what you’re familiar with. It’s important to have a broad understanding of all the industries that we have available to us, especially with engineering. If I’d only stuck to mineral processing or oil and gas, I wouldn’t have found CSBP and I wouldn’t be in this amazing job that I really enjoy.

Justin, Process Engineer


Senior Process Engineer

Our engineers play a key role in optimising the operation and reliability of our facilities, as well as developing and implementing capital projects.

Justin's role
Ylva, Maintenance Supervisor


Maintenance Superintendent

Our Maintenance Superintendent’s lead and manage our maintenance teams to meet internal customer requirements and achieve business plans.

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Luke, Apprentice Heavy Fabricator


Apprentice Heavy Fabricator (welding)

CSBP provides a supportive learning environment for apprentices to undertake their apprenticeship through a registered training organisation.

Luke's role
Mike, Business Performance Manager Chemicals


Manager Business Performance - Chemicals

Our Manager Business Performance – Chemicals reports to the Chief Operating Officer and provides support to the chemical businesses to achieve their objectives.

Mike's role
Sophia, Commercial Manager


Commercial Manager

Our Commercial Managers lead and manage a commercial team to ensure that the appropriate levels of commercial analysis and evaluation are applied with consistency.

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