Business Systems Team Leader


Our Business Systems Team Leader is responsible for reviewing computer systems and business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement and successfully implementing the proposed improvements. 

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Describe your experience and what brought you to where you are now?

I completed a Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing, IT and Business Law and following a couple of years overseas, decided I wanted to work for an Australian company with a good culture in an interesting industry. I started out after applying for a Graduate position with IT and had no experience in Agriculture, but the people I’ve worked with and projects I’ve been a part of have made it an excellent career so far in an incredibly important industry.

How have you progressed in the company? 

I started with CSBP as a Graduate Business Analyst on a project to upgrade our main ERP system. After working closely with the Fertiliser Business, I moved across to the Commercial team as a Business Process Analyst, involved in improving and controlling the processes and systems in the business, mainly on the Sales and Marketing side. 

When the business began investing in significant changes to the sales model and systems, I was given the opportunity to be heavily involved in the design of those changes and to project manage their delivery. 

What  is  a typical day for you? 

My day to day role involves staying in touch with business activities and planning and ensuring that systems and processes are supporting the business; that improvement efforts are being focussed in the right areas; and that business strategies requiring systems support are being addressed.

In my project role, it involves keeping across the day to day activities of the project team, ensuring any issues are being addressed and that the delivery of any components is on track. 

What do you believe has been instrumental to your  success at CSBP?

Being given opportunities to work on and lead projects which have delivered big changes to the business has been the biggest factor in my success so far. The business needs to constantly adjust to the markets it operates in so there is a culture of continuous improvement which brings together people from different parts of the division to work on new ideas and new technology. 

The support I’ve had from my manager and senior people from other areas of the business on delivering those projects has been the key to their success. 

How has CSBP helped you achieve your career aspirations?

CSBP’s leadership development programs and competency frameworks have been important in helping me achieve what I have. The business is very clear on what attributes their leaders should possess and give you the training and development to improve.

How important has innovation and continuous improvement been throughout your career at CSBP?

The most satisfying projects and improvements I’ve been involved in at CSBP have involved step changes in the way a business issue is tackled or the use of new technology. CSBP’s embracing of new ideas and innovation has put it in the strong position it is today and its willingness to try new technology and ideas will ensure that innovation continues to play a strong part in my career. 

What has been your biggest achievement?

Leading the redesign of CSBP’s pricing and sales order processes in a project  was the culmination of years of work with the various business systems and processes that were in place when I started with the business. To be part of the consolidation and simplification of those and to come up with a platform and model which met the needs of the executive group and the sales and customer service teams was a terrific project to be a part of.

What advice would you give to someone who may just be starting out in their career?

Have a clear plan for your career for 1-2 years into the future but keep an open mind as to where you might be in 5 years. My current career objectives are very different to what they were when I started out but there has been no sudden shift in my path, just working towards a 1-2 year goal and re-assessing as I go.

How would you describe the culture at CSBP?

Driven, passionate and inclusive.

I think the business is always clear about what it’s there for and where it’s going. The people I work with are really keen to deliver what they can to support that and everyone working on the site where we manufacture, store and despatch the fertiliser from means you’re in amongst it every day. 

Working in the agriculture industry also brings a dose of passion to what we do because our customers are so passionate about what they do.

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